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My Bones Are Singing

by Those Lavender Whales

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Growing 02:30
There’s good types of growing, but there’s also some really bad types of growing. There’s good types of people, but I don’t think that there’s really bad types of people. They just may be kind of confused, or they’re not built the same way as me and you.
Oh My God 02:21
Oh my God, I don’t know if I can handle this. Oh my God, I’m not sure if You exist. Oh my God, I feel like I’m talking to myself. Oh my God, I’m acting like somebody else. Have you ever thought you’ve seen a face in the window? Have you ever thought you’re better off alone? Have you ever felt like you’re talking to yourself? Were you ever scared of things you didn’t know? I’m not sure if this is real life or something I’m making up by myself, of if it’s put under our foot waiting for us to make decisions.
I Feel Like 02:33
I feel like I always try to look at things through other people’s eyes. If I’m opposed, I feel my mind is closed. I see things wrong and tell myself they’re right. My insides and feelings hide to keep out of everyone else’s sight, but I know that on my own I’ll never be able to get things right.
Open Up 02:47
I can’t start to open up my skin and let my insides out and let the outsides in. My flesh is temporary. It wants to win my mind, but my soul is fighting for it and won’t give in. I know I can’t do this alone. I know we can’t just stay at home. I know we can’t do everything together. I know I can’t be in control. I know it really hurts to grow. I know You’re taking us through rougher weather.
Lose My Mind 02:38
I’m gonna lose my mind if anything else take up any more of my time. Unless it’s something I can understand or feel rearranging parts of my life. I’m not gonna lie. I get jealous when my friends do things I won’t ever try. And I’m so stubborn I can feel myself locking into my ways until I die. So, let’s get out and let’s get seen. Let’s help each other break routine. We’ll wrap up in each other’s arms to help and keep our bodies warm. We’ll give it one more try, and if that fails then let’s give it another, better try. And when we walk outside the things we’ve made will shine so bright we’ll have to close our eyes.
I wish that I could cook a little bit more than I get to cook. I wish that I could see through a different mind than I get to look. I think that I could be a little bit closer to my family, if I just did my best to let them stand a little closer to me. I think that my first goal is to plant myself in a garden home out where my friends all live in my Dad’s backyard where the weeds all grow. Where everyone I see is standing up a little taller than me, and buried underground our roots are tangled but we call them free. We drink from the same bowl, but we’re different when we grow.
I was walking when I saw someone I knew, but I could just recall their face. I was walking when I saw someone I knew, but I could just recall their face. They started talking to me, so I tried but I could not recall their name. They said, “Hey Aaron hope you’re doing well.” I said, “Hi, friend, I’m OK” They said, “I hope your family’s doing good.” I Said, “Yeah, they’re doing great.” We both said, “Nice to see ya,” then we hugged, and wen’t about our separate ways. I looked at the Owl and he called my name, so I called his name right back. He said, “I thought you can’t remember names,” And I said, “I remember that.” He spread his wings to fly away and I shouted at him, “Don’t you dare come back!”
I love my friends. I want to tell them every day that I do. I must defend everything that I believe to be true. I don’t deserve all of the things that I can hold in my hands. I must observe and do my best to try to follow your plans. My eyes move back and forth. I touch my hands behind my back. My breath is cold. I feel it moving through my neck. I love my friends. I always tell myself I’m gonna improve. My visions bends. Everything I look at seems like it moves. My eyes move back and forth. I touch my hands behind my back. My breath is cold. I feel it moving through my neck.
I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but it just seems impossible not to do. I don’t mean to think about things inappropriately, but it just seems impossible not to do. My friends circle ‘round each other when one is in need, and they always seem to know what to do. I always hope that one day I can help them out like that, but I never feel quite sure what to do. Maybe everybody’s existential, everybody’s growing roots. Everybody’s feet are getting a little too big for their boots. Everybody’s trying harder, and everybody’s still confused. But we’re tangled up because we’re planted side by side.
I Woke Up 02:50
I woke up in the morning and I couldn’t think of what to do, so I closed my eyes and went right back to sleep. I had a dream I was standing in a circle of my friends. I tried my best to talk, but found I couldn’t speak. I woke up in the afternoon. I drank a cup of coffee, ate some breakfast, and then turned on the TV. I started thinking of the things that were moving all around me. Things outside the house and things I couldn’t see. My eyes opened in the evening, so I took a walk outside. I got some dinner, and then came back home to read. I looked up at the ceiling, then I took a sip of water, closed my eyes, and thought about things I believe.
The Water 02:40
If your mind is dim, and the lake is calm. Bow your head and bathe in the water, and make your worries clean. When your body fails, and you find your work is done. Take your body down to the water, and wash your body clean. As my Father spoke when we bound him to the tree, I closed my eyes and tried not to hear it. I’m never listening. When the day is done, and the fountain overflows. I’ll cup my hands, and drink from the water, and wash my worries clean.
Sometimes I think my body stops my mind from thinking not to do some things I’m not supposed to do, and I realize that everyone around me, though I think they’re noticing, they’re just continuing to be, and the outside’s moving so fast that it’s difficult to think of all the things I can’t achieve, and it makes me feel so bad when I am thinking of myself instead of helping some one else. There are so many things that I believe in. Certain ways I’d like to be, but I don’t ever let them breathe. I just keep my eyes shut and facing forward hoping if there’s something good that it will stumble into me, And I’m constantly struggling just to get myself out of bed or comprehend what someone’s said. I’ve spent so much time listening and even when I try my best I feel I’m understanding less. I know that when my body passes on my spirit will perceive these things I’m not yet meant to see, and that all of these things that I’m in love with, one by one, will peel away, and then be taken off of me. But for now I’m still not sure how I can make it through my day without not knowing what to say. Maybe one day not too long from now we’ll look back with a grin at this weird place where we begin.


released April 7, 2017

Songs by Aaron Graves
Recorded, Produced & Mixed by Chaz Bundick
Additional Recording by Aaron Graves
Mastered by Ciel Eckard-Lee

Performed by Aaron Graves, Chris Gardner, & Chaz Bundick
with Jessica Bornick, Patrick Wall
Strings by Amy Cuthbertson, & Daniel Machado

"An indie-pop gem, the kind of graceful, charming record that seems to exist outside of day-to-day life as we know it." - Gold Flake Paint

"partially a throwback to the best of classic indie rock and partially something folksy, and partially something newly emerging and as yet indefinable" - Ravalin Magazine

"Sounding like some perfect blend of Yo La Tengo and the Magnetic Fields, the band specializes in deceptively simple, almost childlike indie-pop that’s unabashedly sunny" - The Greenville Journal


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Those Lavender Whales Columbia, South Carolina

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