Parts & Pieces​/​Goose & Geeses

by Those Lavender Whales

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released August 12, 2013

Those Lavender Whales is Aaron Graves, Jessica Bornick, Chris Gardner, & Patrick Wall with some help from Nathan Poole & Elvie Graves.

Recorded at Fork & Spoon HQ by Aaron.

Art by Jessica Maloan (who also helped write "Hello. How Are You?"). Mastered by Eric Domkowski



all rights reserved


Those Lavender Whales Columbia, South Carolina


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Track Name: Hello. How Are You?
Hello. How are you?
I'm doing fine and I hope you're well.
These days are hot now
so come and sit inside.
We can cut some apple sections,
Point the fan in your direction,
and we'll spend some time to catch up.

Get up! Get up! Let's go.
To the great branches
of the tree that lives next door.
Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes I just want to go outside.
Sometimes I just have to close my eyes.
Sometimes I just like to feel the wind blow.
Mostly I just want to see my friends grow.
I've got sleeves if you need something to hold onto.
I've got lots of things I'm still trying to work through.

I do my best to fill up my time.
I keep most of my thoughts in my mind.
There's so many things around that can distract us.
We'll never get good at things unless we practice.

We've hung up signs so many times in the city that we live in.
We've read these books so many times that we've memorized what's in them.
We tell ourselves because we're older we understand why things are breaking.
We've done these things for so long we've convinced ourselves that we're not faking.
Track Name: Thy Thou Thee
thy thou thee
it can't be
how could Thou love me
without Thee
when it's Thee
who gave Thy body to me
and me who messed this body up
I plea please
explain it
how could someone unrelated to me
take my life and change it
into things I thought could never be

I was walking outside
when a tree reached out and scratched me
then I saw some of my insides
coming out where they weren't supposed to be.
my best friends have told me
I'm as soft as clay so mold me
into someone braver, stronger
than the person I wished I could be.
Track Name: 129
Put your oxen on my back and dig your plow into my flesh
pull it back and forth in long and steady rows
you look back at all the bloody, mounded mess that you have left
you think you killed it but the garden always grows

the rain pours down branches reach up
the man pours water from a pitcher to a cup

put your oxen and your plow onto my back and ride around
you're getting nowhere cuz the harnesses are torn
your shallow roots they wither in the dry and rocky ground
before your neighbors give you blessings from the Lord.

the rain pours down branches reach up
the man pours water from a pitcher to a cup
Track Name: Fight Song
I don't know if I'm right
so I assume I'm wrong.
I see my hands moving
but they're not getting anything done.

I believe in a book.
I believe I'm no good.

I never want to fight
cuz I'm not sure I'd win.
and so I'll do my best
to ignore everything again

I was concieved in the dirt.
I will return to the earth.